Pro Solution Studio Tecnico Associato, technical division of PS Engineering S.r.l. was born in 2009 with the intention of concentrating the strenghts and skills of three freelancers, Eng. Raffaele Liguori, Eng. Marco Romagna and Eng. Claudio La Vita, in order to guarantee highest quality in all fields of engineering and architecture.

The dynamism, freshness and even a pinch of youthful exuberance make the Pro Solution Studio a dynamic, multi-purpose and constantly evolving sphere. This has generated a driving force that has led to broadening the horizons with international assignments and contacts. 

The Studio also offers consultancy in the design of buildings with low energy consumption, with the achievement of environmental certification.
A B.I.M. (Building Information Model) group was recently formed, for an integrated design of the entire building, in order to study every single detail and monitor it throughout the entire life cycle.                    


Structural, Idraulic and Environmental Design

Pro Solution is maximum versatility in the engineering sector. The anti-seismic structural calculation of the structures is based on experience on the continuous search for innovative solutions in the field of materials and construcion criteria according to the most recent regulatory framworks.

Plant Engineering, Automation and Maintenance

Pro Solution is continuous innovation in the plant engineering sector. The guarantee of the integral design of high-efficiency systems both in the residential and tertiary fields.The Studio guarantees high reliability in the maintenance management of the plants with certified software and remote management systems.

Interior Design, Works and Safety Management

Pro Solution is reliability of results. Total control and management of construction sites, from building practices to the final architectural finishing and interior design. A unique and 360° integrated solution in the management and evolution of the construction site that allows obtaining the best result in both the residential and tertiary sectors.

Eng. Claudio La Vita
Eng. Marco Romagna
Eng. Christian Di Domenicantonio
Eng. Raffaele Liguori
Dr. Valerio Castenetto
Arch. Giuseppe Cicero
Arch. Francesco Barsanti
Dr. Angela Celestre
Eng. Rossella La Vita

Eng. Vincenzo Raglione
Christian Mandolini

Eng. Domenico Zappavigna
Eng. Valentina Florio